About Your Massage

What clients can expect:

A clean, comfortable massage environment: All equipment is sanitized, and lighting, music and temperature can be adjusted as client requests.

A safe massage environment: Clients will be securely draped at all times with only the area being worked on exposed. Genital areas are never exposed or worked on. Privacy is given to the client before and after the session to disrobe/dress.

Only therapeutic massage services for which I am qualified will be performed. Clients will be referred to an appropriate specialist when work is not within my scope of practice and/or not in the client’s best interest.

Treatments are customized to meet the client’s needs.

Post-massage care information, such as stretching and rehydrating.

Personal and professional boundaries will be respected at all times.

Privacy and confidentiality will be respected and secured. Intake information will only be shared with a third party upon the client’s written consent.

Each client will be treated equally and ethically regardless of age, gender, race, national origin, sexual orientation, religion, socio-economic status, body type or political affiliation. 

What is expected of clients:

Therapeutic massage services provided are strictly NON-SEXUAL.
If the client expresses interest in sexual massage, the session will be
terminated immediately. 

Clients are required to fill out a medical history intake form and update it as necessary. This is to inform me of past and present injuries, surgeries and
health issues. 

Please be on time for your appointment. Sessions begin and end at scheduled times. Sessions begun late due to the client will still end at the appointed time.

Clients are encouraged to ask questions and give feedback about the massage before, during and after the session. Please communicate any concerns, or areas you would like to focus on or avoid.

Clients should shower the day of and prior to their appointment. A warm shower prior to the session is not only a hygiene issue, but will relax muscle tissue to provide a more pleasant and effective massage experience.

Payment is expected in full by cash or by check at the time
services are rendered.

Do not eat a full meal two hours prior to your appointment.

If the client is under the influence of alcohol or illegal substances at the time of their appointment, the session will be canceled.

Andrew- Andrew Bartolomeo, LMT